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Sunday Sessions

The Dove and Boweevil Band

24 March 2019, 5:30PM

The Dove & Boweevil Band is the culmination of like-minded diverse musicians brought together by the figureheads of singer Lauren Dove and her guitarist Mark 'Boweevil' Howes. Originating from backgrounds in Funk, Gospel, Jazz & Blues, with a detour via an acoustic duo phase, the Dove & Boweevil Band straddles a vast array of genres and settles with the broad brush of Roots Music.

Music from the heart, head and soul owing a debt to the musical heritage of America. The Band debuted its own sound with 2015's 'This Life' which had international and national airplay on the BBC and specialist radio, whilst also being nominated for high profile awards and selling well upon its arrival on the scene.

The band are also twice nominated for the BBA’s, and finalists for the UK/European/US Blues Challenge 2016. The band’s sound, and musical approach is one that refuses to be contained in just one genre, and either on record or live on the road, will expand your musical tastes whilst giving a well respected nod, gratitude and love to what has gone before it.

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